A brand new episode of Arrow aired last night and there was something very good about it– Thea’s back!!! After gone missing the past few weeks, our favorite girl made a return on last night’s episode. I’m sure you’ve all been wondering about Thea’s absence and a couple of days ago, we finally got an answer from Marc Guggenheim who revealed to TVLine that the reason that we haven’t seen Thea is because of Willa’s contract: “Everyone’s like, ‘Where’s Thea? Where’s Thea?’ Willa’s [contracted for] 14 out of 23 episodes this year. She’s not in all 23. That’s not her contract. We’ve had to write around that.” Now, i don’t know about you guys but i’m hoping that the contract change means that Willa is eyeing some new projects.

High definition screencaptures from the episode have been added to the gallery, and we’ve also replaced the current episode stills with their high quality versions.

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